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Four Tips For Moving in The Winter

Winter Moving Tips

Many people associate moving with Summer time. That’s because many people move in the summer. School’s out which makes it easier for people with families and recent college graduates are moving out on their own. But what most people don’t realize is that moving in the winter is also a viable option. If you are planning on moving this Winter here are some tips that will make the process a bit easier.

Plan For Delays

When it comes to moving, one advantage that the summer holds over the winter is the extra hours of daylight. This time of year in Seattle it gets dark at around 4/4:30 pm. So it is important to consider that when planning out your move. With fewer daylight hours, a move that you would normally expect to take one day may take two. Be sure to keep your expectations realistic. As much as possible, try to stay flexible in the event that the move needs to be rescheduled altogether because of inclement weather.


Regardless of what time of year it is,being organized is always important for a successful move. Do things like packing as far in advance as possible. Start by packing out of season items and clothes that you won’t need any time soon. Clearly label your boxes and have a plan of where everything is going to go in your new house.

Also, separate and label items that you are transporting in your personal vehicle. This is things like:

  • Important medications for yourself and everyone in your family
  • A couple of changes of clothes
  • Priceless or irreplaceable items
  • Computers and sensitive electronics
  • Important Documents like deeds, birth certificates, SS Cards, etc.

Make Sure Both Homes are Safe

Moving in the Winter means there is a risk of frosty sidewalks and debris. Make sure that all of the walkways are clear and their is nothing on them that would cause someone to slip.

Protect Your Floors

Being in the PNW there is often rain which leads to the grounds being wet and muddy. That mud can do a number on your new floors. Make sure that you put down floor protection to help prevent stains and water damage.

Moving is hard work, regardless of whether you move in the summer or the winter. But with a bit of planning, organization, and professional help. You can have a successful Winter move.


Seattle Movers will remain open during this time and we want to do our part to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community.