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Seattle Apartment Moving Tips



If you are moving to the city of Seattle, you probably will be living in an apartment. Apartment moves can be trickier to navigate with more logistics due to neighbors, elevators or stairs and smaller space. We have experience moving to all kinds of different homes from apartments to townhomes to houses. Hiring us as a professional moving team will help insure that your move will be executed efficiently and safely. Below is a few Apartment-Moving-Tips:


  • Plan ahead. Start making arrangements months before your move. Hire your movers, make plans for pets and kids on moving day. Packing ahead can help as well. Many things such as seasonal decor and things barely used can be packed up ahead of time.
  • Sort belongings. Go through your stuff to get rid of anything broken or unwanted. Unpacking and unloading will be far easier with less stuff and you don’t want to move things that will just become clutter in your new home.
  • Find packing tips. One great time saver is leaving clothes on hangers. Put clothes into 30 gallon drawstring trash bags. Cut holes in the bottom where the hangers can poke out. Ziptie or twist tie groups of 10 hangers together. You can also purchase wardrobe boxes if you would prefer. It makes moving and unpacking so easy when all you need to do it hang the hangers up in your new closet.
  • Color code and label boxes. Make it easy for your movers to place boxes in the room they need to be by using colors for each room. Unpacking will be much more efficient if you write what is in each box.
  • Consider a storage unit. If you are downsizing or don’t need all of your belongings, renting a storage box can be a great way to keep things secure and safe until you need them.
  • Get the info from your management office. Building managers can give you info on the best ways to move into your building. Ask about elevators, best spot to park the truck and more.
  • Consider traffic. Moving into the city can be difficult if you are moving during peak rush hour traffic. For city moves, early saturday morning seems to be the best time.

These are a few tips for moving to a Seattle apartments. Seattle Movers can help you with the details of your move! Get a free quote today.


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